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A spacecraft was a type of vehicle that was capable of space travel. Some spacecraft that were faster than the speed of light were capable of traveling interstellar distances, and some could even travel intergalactic distances.

The Human race developed spacecraft technology since the 1950s, and they only increased in amount as the years passed. By the 23rd century much of the solar system was colonized by bringing Humans to those various worlds by spacecraft. By the 25th century, Earth was part of an interstellar nation called the United Planets. By this time, most of their spacecraft was far faster than light speed.

There were also many advanced alien cultures from other worlds that had spacecraft as well, many of which that could travel faster than the speed of light, thanks to the aid of advanced propulsion systems like warp drive, hyperwarp or hyperdrive. Spaceships that could travel interstellar distances were usually referred to as starships.

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