Flight over the moon

Super Friends on a space mission.[1]

A space mission was any a type of mission that required space travel in order to carry it out.



When Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman and Aquaman were all kidnapped by Doctor Hiram Gulliver, Marvin White and Wendy Harris decided to call Green Arrow to help rescue them, because all of the other members of the Justice League of America were on a space mission, too far away for them to call by radio or telephone.[2]


  1. As seen in The World's Deadliest Game (1978).
  2. As seen in Gulliver's Gigantic Goof (1973). Although each member on the space mission was not referenced by name, this would have to have referred to the Justice League members that at that point were never shown in the show just yet (and some that never would be); such as characters that were only seen in the Filmation cartoons, such as Green Lantern and Hawkman. This would have also referred to characters such as Red Tornado and Black Canary. A later episode from season 3 called History of Doom (1978) established that the characters such as Black Vulcan, Samurai and others were also members of the team since it was founded. This line of dialogue seems to be consistent with that concept, which some might assume was a contradiction, since none of the members were shown during season 1. This line of dialogue proves it is not a contradiction.

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