The soul or mind was the essence or life force of a person, or a living person themselves. In many religions, it was believed that the soul was immortal, and went on living after death, usually to heaven or hell, depending on the choices made in one's life, as to whether they practiced good or evil.

Another fate for some souls made it possible for some to still roam about on Earth. These souls were called "ghosts," among other names, depending on their nature and type. The ghost of Gentleman James Craddock was able to return to Earth from his afterlife in the Nether World, but Superman and Wonder Woman send him back in 1971 and in 1977.[1]



When Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog were in the FRERP Arena searching for King Plasto, Wendy told Marvin that she didn't think "a soul" was there, indicating the place was empty.[2]


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