Solar robot

Solar robot[1]

The solar robot was a robot stationed at the far side of the sun, that Kolbar used for drawing the Earth closer to the sun. The robot was equipped with a magnetic wave and a quadratronic nth-degree charge. The magnetic wave proved to be ineffective since Flash created a repelling magnetic force by running around the earth with a copper wire. Because of this, the Kolbar activated the robot's quadratronic nth-degree charge. But Von Knowalot is able to trace the source of the quadratronic nth-degree charge, and Superman flies up to destroy it.


Aside from the magnetic and quadratronic wave generators, the robot also was equipped with so form of proximity detectors, as it was able to detect Superman as he approached it. It also had a defense system, it had the ability to fire at least two types of fire-like energy blasts, and one type of electricity-like energy blast, none of which were successful at stopping Superman from destroying it.


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