Solar Terrarium humanoids[1]

The Super Friends and some Solar Terrarium humanoids[2]

Solar Terrarium humanoids are a race of alien humanoids from a planet in the Solar Terrarium system called Solar Terrarium. They are unique in that they require excessive heat, around 140 degrees in order to live comfortably. To them, 85 degrees is considered "Bone chilling."


Their industry was in full swing many years ago, and constant pollution caused the sunlight from their sun to be blocked. A man named Lupis sent the brilliant Kolbar to Earth to condition it in such a way to make their people comfortable living their. But he is stopped by the Super Friends and the SDI, who recruit a scientist named Von Knowalot that learns about the solar robot that is bringing earth closer to the sun.

But the Super Friends do not bring Kolbar to justice, instead, they take him back to his homeworld and clean-up the pollution, restoring the atmosphere to the way it was, allowing sunshine to fall upon their world.


Solar Terrarium humanoids are more sensitive to the cold then most other species in the galaxy, especially other humanoids.

Some of them also appear to have unusually purple eyes.


Their technology is far more sophisticated than human technology. Kolbar said that when their industry was in full swing, in what we could assume was years, possibly centuries in the past, it was much like earth was now, with cars, factories, manufacturing and so on, so one could assume that by now, they are far more sophisticated. In fact, the fact that they can move planets is in itself a testimony to this. Plus, they possess some type of interstellar spaceships. They also use some kind of advanced computer circuitry called quadratronics.

Despite all their technology, they were unable to save their planet. Only the combined super powers of the Super Friends was able to restore their world.

The residences of the Solar Terrarium humanoids were also pretty sophisticated technologically. The doors were mechanical, and opened from the bottom to the top, and weren't opened by doorknobs like human doors.


Solar Terrarium humanoids typically prefer to dress in loose clothing, with an unusual head adornment. Females tend to have their hair exposed but males head adornments seem to completely cover their hair. Also, females don't appear to wear pants, as their outfits normally have the legs completely exposed.

Outdoor Carnivals are popular on Solar Terrarium. In fact, Kolbar was going to hold one in honor of the Super Friends, but Superman declines the offer, because he had to get his friends home before they are "burnt to a crisp."

Known settlements

Known Solar Terrarium humanoids


Super Friends


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