A man from Fenwick Corporation's board of directors smoking a pipe.[1]

Smoking is a practice in which someone burns a substance, and tastes or inhales it, and puffs smoke. Typically most smokers smoke tobacco, although some smoke marijuana. This is often done recreationally and during breaks or meetings at work.

It is well known to be considered an unclean and bad habit, as there are many health risks associated with smoking, even death. While not deadly, marijuana causes dehydration and lung irritation. Cocaine causes death, bodily deterioration, and violent personality changes. According to Superman, people who smoke are losers.[2]

Tobacco is smoked in cigarettes, cigars, or a pipe, or it can be chewed. Marijuana is smoked in joints, pipes, or spliffs, or it can be eaten. Cocaine is swallowed, injected, snorted through the nose, or smoked in a pipe.

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