The Town of Smallville

Smallville was the town that Clark Kent grew up in before moving to Metropolis. It was located in Small County, Kansas.

It was there that as a baby he was discovered in the spacecraft that brought him to Earth by Jonathan and Martha Kent.[1]

He also revealed himself to the world at this time as Superboy, where he became a superhero in this town.


According to one source; Smallville, Kansas was, despite its name, a good-sized city of some 90,000 in 1990. The town lies on I-70 about fifty miles west of the I-70/I-135 interchange. Smallville was settled in 1870 by settlers from back east and grew into a small but prosperous farming community. Light industry moved into the area around the turn of the century and sparked further growth, which continued during World War II as airplane manufacturing developed throughout the state. By the 1990s, much of the town is given over to farming. Most of the farmlands are currently owned by vast farming conglomerates, but many small, family-owned and operated farms still remain. The majority of Smallville's workers are employed in either agriculture or aircraft factories. At the heart of Smallville is an ever-growing town center with some twenty-three square miles of private homes, small apartment buildings and small businesses. Most residents of Smallville have remained loyal to the town's tradesman with whom they've conducted business for years, but that hasn't stopped the construction of a modern shopping mall on the outskirts of town.[2]

By the 30th century, Smallville grew into a megalopolis. However during this period, an evil tyrant with an army of robots uses a deadly weapon to control the town. He also used robot ships to patrol the city. Luckily, Superboy, who time traveled from the 20th century, came to this time period and freed Smallville from the reign of this diabolical criminal.[3]



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