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Real name: Sleep
Species: Demon
Universe: Dream World
Sex: Male
Occupation: Demon of the Dream World

Sleep was a supervillain that had power over anyone who was asleep, controlling their dreams and nightmares.



One billion years prior to 1983, Sleep was imprisoned in a container by an unknown ancient alien race.

By the 20th century, Superman accidentally frees him in a mining shaft in Gotham City. He and Batman were forced to fall asleep and enter the Dream World, which he seemed to have full control of at first.

Later, when Wonder Woman arrived at the scene, she too entered the Dream World but with a plan to have one of the coal miners there wake her up with her Lasso of Truth.

As she enters the Dream World and finds the World's Finest in peril, she reminded them that dreams could be controlled through concentration. Sleep was in disbelief that they'd ever escape. However they do, and upon waking up, they put him back in his container that was imprisoning him.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers

  • Teleportation: He was capable of disappearing and reappearing elsewhere at will.
  • Immortality: He was at least well over a billion years of age, and capable of living a good deal longer.
  • Telepathy: His mind was capable of entering Superman and Batman's minds while they were in the Dream World.



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