Jack O’Lantern and Green Lantern speaking slang.[1]

Slang is any word or any phrase that is considered a misuse of whatever language is being spoken. This refers to words that are used in place of others. The basic idea is that slang is considered a sub-standard use of what is considered to be true language. As an example, some people might refer to a coward as a chicken. This is generally considered insulting and humiliating. But the real reason it is considered slang is not so much because of the insult, but rather the inaccuracy of the statement. Obviously the person getting called a chicken is not actually a chicken; that is to say, they aren't the animal.

Slang can also be used as a humorous pun, that actually doesn't make sense, but is just meant as a joke, that although it really doesn't make sense in the proper sense of language, it is easily understood.

Robin used slang in the form of a joke when he and Batman were on the roof of the medical lab in Cave County and saw that the cooling unit was ripped off of the roof. His exact words were: "Pardon my slang Batman, but this air cooling unit was really ripped off." The unit was literally ripped off the roof, and it was ripped off in the slang sense as well, since it got the bad part of the deal.[2]


  1. The words spalpeen and critter are both considered slang. This image was seen in Super Friends # 8.
  2. As seen in The Mysterious Moles.

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