Starfire (Super Powers 33)

A native of a planet that is located in the same star system as Slagg.[1]

Slagg was the seventeenth planet in the Vega system.

Details on this world

Slagg was a cloud-covered rock heap of a world.

Its' atmosphere contained a number of inert gases which gave Slagg a very weird, artificial appearance when viewed from space. The Spittroids, a yellow, lizard-like species with a single antenna and tail, was Slagg's native race.

The Spittroid's were a member race of the Citadel Empire.[2] Beings who were once the slaves of the Gordanians also lived on Slagg.[3]

Indigenous species


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  2. The Atlas of the DC Universe actually refers to them as "allies" rather than actual members. As they are members in the comics, I assume this was written in error.
  3. As seen in The Atlas of the DC Universe (1990).

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