Starfire vs HIVE

Starfire, a native of a planet that existed in the same solar system as Sindromeda.[1]

Sindromeda was the sixth planet in the Vega system.


Sindromeda was a lush, green world that was ravaged by a horrible drought. Scientists attempting to create rain brought down a rain of red crystalline spores from the Madgap Nebula by accident. These spores altered the chemical balance of the brains of the Sindromedans, releasing the latent psychic powers of the entire race. The spores also released their more aggressive tendencies, resulting in warfare that virtually destroyed the planet's environment.

Sindromeda was also home to the Graffaloons, a race that looked like a cross between a hot air balloon and a Portuguese man-of-war. Although once living in symbiotic harmony with the humanoid Sindromedans, the Graffaloons escaped the effect of the red spores, which severed the link between the races.[2]


  • Sindromeda first appeared in Omega Men Annual # 1 (November 1984).[3]


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