Simon Pure
Simon Pure
Real name: Simon Pure
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Base: Washington, D.C.
Affiliations: United States Environmental Protection Agency
Voiced/Played: Ted Knight

Simon Pure was the chief of the United States Environmental Protection Agency in the 1970s.


Simon Pure is an agent in the United States Government, serving as the chief of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. He is a friend of Wonder Woman, and when Krim tells the Superfriends about his concerns about the environment of Earth becoming endangered by pollution, she decides to arrange a meeting with the two of them. They meet at the United States Capitol, and Mr. Pure even goes as far as offering Krim a job with the agency, making him his special adviser on conservation and ecological controls. He also tells Krim that the government will build a specially designed home for them to live in Washington, D.C. Krim then accepts the job, and shakes Mr. Pure's hand.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Super powers



  • Environmentalism: Mr. Pure is knowledgeable about the environment, and the agency he works for fights to protect it.
  • Leadership: As chief of his bureau, he obviously has leadership skills.


Super Friends


William Ruckelshaus Swearing In as EPA Administrator

Ruckelshaus being sworn in as first EPA Administrator.

  • William Doyle Ruckelshaus became the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s first Administrator when the agency was formed on December 2, 1970, by President Nixon. Although many people were mentioned as possibilities for this new position, Ruckelshaus got the nod based upon the strong recommendation of the U.S. Attorney General, John Mitchell. Ruckelshaus laid the foundation for the EPA by hiring its leaders, defining its mission, deciding priorities, and selecting an organizational structure.


  1. As seen in The Balloon People.
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