Silver dollar

Green Arrow talking about George Washington throwing a silver dollar.[1]

A silver dollar was a coin made of silver, that was worth one dollar.

Whenever making important life-decisions, Harvey Dent, better known as the Gotham City-based supervillain that calls himself Two-Face; used a double-headed silver dollar, which he flipped, and depending on which side it landed on, determined what action he was to take.

As an example, let's make up a scenario. Let's say Two-Face captured Batman. He now has a decision to make, does he kill him, or let him go? When he flips the coin, and it lands on the "bad side," which is the side of the coin that is all scratched up and ugly, then he must obey the coin and kill Batman.

But if it lands on the "good side," which is the side of the coin that is not scratched, and looks shiny and new, then he will have no choice but to let the good inside of him win the day, and release Batman.[2]

Green Arrow once tossed a penny at some ants and said: "If George Washington could throw a silver dollar..."[3]


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