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Real name: Unknown
Species: New God
Homeworld: Apokolips
Universe: Earth-1A
Voiced/Played: N/A

Silicon was an assassin from the planet Apokolips, loyal to Darkseid.

Powers and Abilities

Super powers

  • New God Physiology: His alien DNA gives him abilities that humans do not have.
  • Silicon Body: His body is made of a malleable silicon-like substance, making him unique to his race.
  • Longevity: Like other members of his race, Silicon's lifespan just might be infinite.
  • Metamorphosis: He can transform himself into anybody he can imagine.
  • Invisibility: He can make himself invisible for a short period of time.


  • Assassination: He is an expert in the skills of assassination. His shapeshifting powers make it easy for him to get to a target and make the kill.


  • Heat: Extreme heat, as well as extreme cold, will cause him to deform.
  • Power Limitation: There is also a time limit to how long he can hold a form he morphs into.


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