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Shadow Demons
Shadow Demons
Official Name
Shadow Demons
Created by the Anti-Monitor
First Appearance
Crisis on Infinite Earths, #1 (April, 1985)

The Shadow Demons were the silent assassins of the Anti-Monitor.

They are the creation of the Anti-Monitor, who used the best of his Thunderers -- altering them into living 'Shadows'. He used them to conquer the Antimatter Universe.[1]

Nine billion plus years later, during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Anti-Monitor sent to them to oppose the forces of the Monitor who had gathered to oppose him.[2]

Powers and Abilities


  • Bio-Fusion: Shadow Demons could merge together and become a single giant Shadow Demon.
  • Disintegration: Their touch could disintegrate positive matter beings; they killed Clayface, Lori Lemaris and Don Hall (Dove) in this way.
  • Electro-Blast: Shadow Demons can transform themselves into lightning that could transform the members of the Marvel Family into their respective alter egos.
  • Flight
  • Intangibility: Shadow Demons could turn themselves intangibles.
  • Immortality: Even broken in small fragments, Shadow Demons would reform themselves.



  • Vulnerability to Light
  • Purple Healing Ray: Because of the Shadow Demons' unholy nature, the healing ray could explode them instead of healing them.[3]
  • Vulnerability to Blue Beetle's Scarab: The Blue Beetle's Scarab will explode Shadow Demons that touch its user.

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