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A Kryptonian settlement.[1]

A settlement was a term used to refer to a city, town, village, colony or any other place where people built dwelling places to live in.

Most settlements were on the surface of planets, planetoids or moons; such as New York City and Spacemen City. However some settlements were in space, such as Star City and the orbiting cities of Vega.

Many settlements also had domes surrounding them, such as Poseidonis and Earth's capitol city.

The population of settlements varied, but usually a settlement referred to as a city was more populated than one referred to as a town or village.

After a long space trip to Cygnus-Uno, Marvin White, Wendy Harris and Wonder Dog; who were riding on their spaceship as stowaways, were ready to go home, and not be a part of Doctor Lucius LeBon's crimes. Wendy tells them to drop them off at any city in the United States.[2]

By the 2950s, Smallville was a megalopolis.[3]

Known settlements

There was a wide variety of settlements that existed throughout the universe and beyond, almost too many to list:


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