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Season 5 & 6 Intro

1980 and 1981 Introduction

The fifth series of Hanna-Barbera's Super Friends was simply entitled, SuperFriends. It has since become known as the SuperFriends (1980 TV Series).

Series Summary

1980 shorts, Episode Lengths: 7 minutes

This incarnation of the Super Friends ran during the Fall of 1980 on the ABC Network.

The format was changed again. This time around, we find ourselves with seven-minute shorts. So for the next couple of years, viewers would be treated to 3 new episodes weekly and a rerun from one of the previous six years.

These new adventures featured appearances by the core group of the five classic Super Friends (Superman, Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman and Aquaman) along with the illustrious Wonder Twins (Zan, Jayna and their pet monkey Gleek). There were also guest appearances from members previously depicted in Challenge of the SuperFriends series. Occasionally, a DC Villain, namely a couple of former members of the Legion of Doom would resurface to menace our heroes, but for the most part, our heroes would continue to deal with non comic villains and threats.


The 1980 timeslot ran for a full hour, combining a new 30-minute episode of this run (three new stories) with 30-minute reruns from one of the previous 4 seasons.

The SuperFriends were joined this year on ABC by Plastic Man in his second and final season on the The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show by Ruby-Spears who also produced the fantasy action cartoon, Thundarr the Barbarian, which also aired on ABC that year. Batman fans got their final year of double dose when Filmation's 1977 Batman series played in reruns one last time before vanishing into obscurity. On NBC as part of the 90 minute rerun series, you were treated to Batman and the Super 7. We also saw the Godzilla Dynomutt Hour on NBC while on CBS, Filmation served up the Tarzan/Lone Ranger Adventure Hour and Hanna-Barbera featured a short lived Super Heroish monster cartoon called the Drak Pack.

Still, the SuperFriends managed to hold their own.


  • Another aspect of this season was that there were new health and safety tips as well as crafts that were made, this time being hosted by Black Vulcan, Samurai, Apache Chief, and the Wonder Twins as well as the original five heroes.


SuperFriends Cast

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Episode List:

    Ep #         Episode Name                        Air Date    
01     Big Foot         Ice Demon         Makeup Monster         September 13, 1980    
02     Journey Into Blackness         Cycle Gang         Dive to Disaster         September 20, 1980    
03     Yuna the Terrible         Rock & Roll Space Bandits         Elevator To Nowhere         September 27, 1980    
04     One Small Step for Mars         Haunted House         The Incredible Crude Oil Monster         October 4, 1980    
05     The Voodoo Vampire         Invasion of the Gleeks         Mxyzptlk Strikes Again         October 11, 1980    
06     The Man in the Moon         Circus of Horrors         Around the World in 80 Riddles         October 18, 1980    
07     Termites from Venus         Eruption         Return of Atlantis         October 25, 1980    
08     The Killer Machines         Garden of Doom         Revenge of Bizarro         November 1, 1980    


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  1. The series featured edited episodes of various seasons of the SuperFriends, as well The New Adventures of Superman, The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure and The Batman/Superman Hour.