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|  [[Marlene Aragon]] ||     [[Cheetah]]
|  [[Marlene Aragon]] ||     [[Cheetah]]
|  [[Casey Kasem]] ||     computer
|  [[Casey Kasem]] ||     [[Justice League Computer]]
|  [[Stanley Ralph Ross]] (as Stanley Ross) ||     [[Gorilla Grodd]]
|  [[Stanley Ralph Ross]] (as Stanley Ross) ||     [[Gorilla Grodd]]

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'Secret Origins of the Superfriends'

October 28, 1978
Written by
Directed by
Main Super Heroes(s)
Main Villain(s)
Guest starring


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Plot Summary

The Legion of Doom attempt to weaken the SuperFriends by going back in time to prevent Superman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman from becoming heroes.


  V o i c e   A c t o r       R o l e
 William Callaway (as Bill Callaway)     Aquaman
 Olan Soule     Batman
 Buster Jones     Black Vulcan
 Jack Angel     The Flash
 Jack Angel     Hawkman
 Casey Kasem     Robin
 Jack Angel     Samurai
 Danny Dark     Superman
 Shannon Farnon     Wonder Woman
  G u e s t   C a s t  
 Dick Ryal     Abin Sur
 Shannon Farnon     Aphrodite
 Ted Cassidy     Black Manta
 Ted Cassidy     Brainiac
 Dick Ryal     Captain Cold
 Marlene Aragon     Cheetah
 Casey Kasem     Justice League Computer
 Stanley Ralph Ross (as Stanley Ross)     Gorilla Grodd
 Stan Jones (as Stanley Jones)     Jonathan Kent
 Stan Jones (as Stanley Jones)     Jor-El
 Stan Jones (as Stanley Jones)     Lex Luthor
 Don Messick     Scarecrow
 Vic Perrin     Sinestro
 Jimmy Weldon     Solomon Grundy


This episode has continuity glitches galore as members of the Legion continue to exist after the Super friend key to their existence are removed: Cheetah, Lex Luthor, and Bizarro. While it could be argued that Cheetah (Priscilla Rich) and Luthor could have become evil without Wonder Woman and Superman existing that still leaves Bizzaro who as an imperfect duplicate of Superman can't exist without a Superman.

More over Scarecrow comments that Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern shouldn't exist even though he should still remember that the three attempts at changing history now failed.

Finally, despite Luthor learning the origins (and therefore secret Ids) of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern he never uses this information.


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Companion Episode from the new SuperFriends

Terror from the Phantom Zone

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The Giants of Doom
Next Episode:
Revenge on Gorilla City
Season 3a: new SuperFriends (1978)
Season 3b: Challenge of the SuperFriends (1978)

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