The Original Order of the Episodes as seen on ABC:

1. Brain Machine, Joy Ride, Invasion of the Earthors, Whirlpool.

2. The Secret Four, Tiger on the Loose, The Mysterious Time Creatures, The Antidote.

3. Invasion of the Hyydronoids, Hitchhike, City in a Bottle, Space Emergency.

4. Doctor Fright, Drag Race, Day of the Plant Creatures, Fire.

5. The Monster of Dr. Droid, Vandals, Super Friends VS. Super Friends, The Energy Mass.

6. The Enforcer, Shark, Planet of the Neanderthals, Flood of Diamonds.

7. Invisible Menace, Initiation, Coming of the Arthropods, River of Doom.

8. Attack of the Giant Squid, Game of Chicken, Water Beast, Volcano.

9. The Collector, Handicap, The Mind Maidens, Alaska Peril.

10. The Fifty Foot Woman, Cheating, Exploration Earth, Attack of the Killer Bees.

11: Forbidden Power, Pressure Point, The Lion Men, Day of the Rats.

12. Man Beasts of XRA, Prejudice, Tiny World of Terror, Tibetan Raiders.

13. Frozen Peril, Dangerous Prank, The Mummy of Nazca, Cable Car Rescue.

14. The Marsh Monster, Runaways, Will the World Collide?, Time Rescue.

15. The Protector, Stowaways, The Ghost, Rampage.

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