Real name: Scorpio
Species: Mutant Scorpion
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Sex: Male
Hair: None
Eyes: Yellow
Occupation: Leader of the Insect Battalion
Base: Giant Ant Hill

Scorpio was a supervillain that was originally an ordinary scorpion, until he was transformed into a giant arachnid monster.



Somewhere deep within the Arabian Desert, a scientific facility called the Arabian Research Center had developed a growth formula which was to be used to increase Earth's food supplies, by causing foods to grow in size, such as tomatoes.

But when an ordinary sized scorpion somehow gets its' own body caught in the formula, it causes the scorpion to grow to the size of a giant. This mutant scorpion also gains Human-level intelligence, as well as the ability to talk. He then calls himself Scorpio.

He steals some of the growth formula and uses it on insects throughout the desert. They too are transformed into giants that do Scorpio's bidding. But still, Scorpio wants more of the growth formula, so that he can transform all of the world's insects into giants.

With the help of his Insect Battalion, he attacks the research center yet again, but he and his insect army were stopped by the Super Friends members Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman and the Flash; and they were returned to their normal sizes. That included Scorpio.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers

    • Venomous Sting: He had a giant stinger that no doubt was deadly poisonous. Although realistically, considering how large it was, if he ever would have used it, it would have been like getting stabbed by a giant knife, and that alone would have killed the person long before the venom would have taken effect.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Scorpio seemed to be very smart, even by Human standards. This likely went away when he was changed back into an ordinary scorpion.


Super Friends (TV Series)


  1. As seen in the Superfriends season six episode Scorpio (1981).

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