Saturnians were any race that was from the planet Saturn or any of its' moons.

This included the descendants of Green and White Martians, as well as the Titanites, who were the descendants of Earth Humans. Another Saturnian culture were the Klarmarians.


The history of the Saturnian race dates back to ancient Mars. The Green Martians and the White Martians colonized the moons of Saturn, and the Saturnians were a race that was an offshoot of both Martian races, as they descended from worker class clones. The Red Saturnians were clones of Green Martians while White Saturnians were clones of White Martians.

The Titanites were another group of Saturnians that lived on Titan. They were the offspring of human colonists from Earth.


Martian descended Saturnian physiology was somewhat unique. Since they were clones of shape-shifting Martians, they too possess the ability to alter their appearance. Because of this, they can appear in a variety of forms. Their natural forms are as Red or White humanoids, but since they can change their shape, this varies. For example, one group of Saturnians appeared as green fish-like humanoids.[2] Also, their unique alien physiology gives them incredible abilities, such as; psychokinesis, super strength, super stamina, super durability and flight.

Known Saturnians


The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure

In the comics

The three races of Ma'aleca'andra are directly responsible for the H'ronmeerca'andran colonies on the moons of Saturn. Saturnians are descended from an underclass of worker clones created by ancient Martian explorers. The Green Martians cloned the original Red Saturnians from themselves, and the White Martians cloned the original White Saturnians. The Green Martians treated their clones as equals, while the White Martians treated theirs as slaves. The fate of the Yellow Martians is unknown.

The continued enslavement of the White Saturnians started a civil war between the two Martian races. At the war's conclusion the White Martians were exiled to the "Still Zone", only to escape years later and reappear disguised as the Hyperclan. After the civil war all Saturnians were granted their freedom, but continued to war amongst themselves for millennia.

Jemm, son of King Jaxx was forced to flee the palace after a White Martian coup. His mother Jarlla was able to hide him in a cave, where Jemm was trained by his White Saturnian teacher Rahani in the use of his powers.

Saturnian (DC Comics)

A Saturnian from the comics.[3]


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  3. Note that Saturnians from this comic are fish-like humanoids, just like they are portrayed in the Filmation cartoon, however in the cartoon they only are shown with two eyes, whereas in the comics they have three.

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