The troops of the Sargasso Empire.[1]

The Sargasso Empire was either an interstellar empire; or was in the process of becoming one.

It was ruled by an empress (or would-be empress) known as Queen Sirena, who rules from her castle on Sargasso, a planetoid somewhere in space.

The main military organization of this empire was the Sargasso War Fleet, which was a space fleet that Sirena herself lead into battle against Oa, which she attempted to conquer, subjecting it to her empire, but she was stopped by the Green Lantern of Sector 2814, better known as Hal Jordan.[2]

Capitol world

Seat of the Empire

Known Subject Races

The only known subject races of this empire were the inhabitants of Sargasso itself, as listed above. Although since Oa was nearly conquered, the Oans would have became subjects; - if not for Green Lantern.



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