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Saga of the Swamp Thing


Saga of the Swamp Thing was a Swamp Thing story-line published by DC Comics in 1984.

It was written and illustrated by Alan Moore, Steve Missette and John Totleben, and it was a seven part story that led into another story-line called Love and Death.

The story's significance to the Superfriends franchise was due to the fact that part five of this story-line was reprinted in Super Friends # 22 (1987); which was published by Editora Abril as a Super Amigos title.

In 2005, the trade paperback of this story was released by Vertigo.

Saga of the Swamp Thing

Part One

The Anatomy Lesson

Part Two


Part Three

Another Green World

Part Four


Part Five

The Sleep of Reason...

Part Six

...A Time of Running...

Part Seven

By Demons Driven!

Next Story

Swamp Thing: Love and Death


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