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Roger Corben, a man that was transformed into a cyborg by SKULL[1]

Albert Michaels, aka the Atomic Skull, a member of SKULL[2]

SKULL is a criminal organization. The Atomic Skull is a member of this organization. They were the ones responsible for transforming Roger Corben into a cyborg, and thus allowed him to become the new Metallo, which was a supervillain that his brother John Corben was previously. This allowed Roger to get his revenge against Superman. But despite this, The Man of Steel was able to defeat Roger.

Known Members


  • SKULL made their first appearance in Superman # 301 (July 1976).[3]


  1. This image is Kenner's concept design of the Metallo action figure that was to be released as part of the Super Powers Collection. However the figure was never released, as the series ended after the third wave.
  2. As seen in Fugitive from Space.
  3. For more information about this DC comic book, click here.
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