SuperFriends Comic Book Character
Rua (Issue 14)
Real name: Rua
AKA: Rayna
Species: Exxorian
Homeworld: Exxor
Universe: Earth-1A
Earth 5C10L1
Hair: black
Eyes: purple
Relatives: Fonab (husband)
Zan (son)
Jayna (daughter)
Affiliations: Royal Family of Exxor

Rua or Rayna was an Exxorian from the planet Exxor. She was the mother of Zan and Jayna and the wife of Fonab.



In this continuity, not much is known about 'Rua.' All we know is that she was killed at some point before the Wonder Twins left Exxor when a great plague struck her home planet of Exxor.[1]

Earth 5C10L1

In this reality, her name was Rayna, and she was the Queen of the planet Exxor, and her husband was the King. She was killed by Sphinx, the royal advisor of Exxor, who wanted the Royal Twins to be married, so that they would both reproduce a child with super powers. Sphinx had already created an army of Superman clones, because he had obtained his DNA from Arin of Earth. Although their DNA was flawed and most of them died quite quickly. When Rayna's husband learned that Sphinx wanted Zan and Jayna to have this incestuous union, he decided to dismiss him as the royal advisor, but Sphinx told him that he couldn't, because he had an army of Supermen. During the conflict, Rayna is shot and killed, dying in her husband's arms. [2]

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers





  1. As seen in the Super Friends comics: Issue #14 (November 4, 1978). This is also supported by the fact that in the episode The Demons of Exxor (1978), Rua is no where to be seen, and neither is Fonab, which implies that they are both dead.
  2. As seen in Cave Carson # 4 (2017).
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