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Rozalina Tchouchev Rozalina Tchouchev
Birthname: Rozalina Tchouchev

Birthdate: June 15, 1961

Birthplace: Sofia, Bulgaria

Occupation: Painter

Official Website: [1]

Rozalina Tchouchev was an artist that started her art and business career in her hometown of Sofia, Bulgaria. After graduating with a Masters degree from the prestigious Art University Nikolai Pavlovich, she continued working as a designer and illustrator in Greece.

Since moving to the United states in 1990, she worked as an art director, division supervisor, designer, and painter on numerous projects for clients such as Sony Entertainment, Fox, Warner Bros. Studios, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Film Roman, StarzMedia, Dole Company, BET, TWD theme parks, Bentobox Ent, and many others.

She was nominated for an Annie Award for production design on The Zeta Project.

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