The Royal Flush Gang
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The Royal Flush Gang are a gang of supervillains that were professional crooks.

A mysterious figure named Ace did the recruiting. After observing a group of petty crooks, Ace forcibly recruited the small group.

Once recruited, they were dressed up as playing cards, and are given flying cards as transportation.

Darkseid is apparently their benefactor.



Their headquarters is the House of Cards.

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Walker FamilyDCAU The Royal Flush Gang There have been three incarnations of the Royal Flush Gang. Each gang has consisted of a King and Queen, as well as a Jack, Ten and Ace:
  • Joker's Royal Flush Gang (featured in the Justice League two-parter "Wild Cards")
  • Ace's Royal Flush Gang (featured in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Epilogue")
  • Walker Family (pictured, featured in three Batman Beyond episodes: "Dead Man's Hand", "Once Burned" and "King's Ransom")

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Royal Flush GangDCDatabase The Royal Flush Gang The Royal Flush Gang is a team of super-villains that has reappeared over the years in many different incarnations, usually serving as enemies of the Justice League. Their are traditionally five members, a King, a Queen, a Jack, a Ten and an Ace. They fly around on mechanical cards, and have been known to exhibit many different powers from Super-Strength to Energy-Blasting, powered by their suits. Their roster has changed often, but the group designations have always remained the same, and the group dynamic is rarely notably different. They have also been known to employ robots as members.
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