Donna Troy and Starfire (Super Powers 33)

A girl with an inhabitant of a planet that is located in the same star system as the planet Rogue.[1]

Rogue was the eighteenth planet in the Vega system.

Planetary details

Rogue was a planet with an eccentric orbit that brought it close to Alpha Lyrae at regular intervals. Rogue's rotational cycle lasted fifty years. When Rogue was close to the star that it orbited, the lighted side of the planet was convulsed by tremors. When Rogue was at its' farthest from the star, it was dark and its' atmosphere was frozen to its surface. Although life would not ordinarily exist in such an environment, there was a lifeform inhabiting a belt of perennial twilight between the light and dark sides of Rogue.

Native Roguians are extremely shy, having evolved a force shield that not only protected them from Rogue's ravages, but also hid them from on another for the length of their lives. No one had ever seen a Roguian and nothing was known about their society.[2]

Native races



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