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Rocket Red Brigade

Rocket Red Brigade[1]

The Rocket Red Brigade was a Russian military force used for fighting metahuman threats, alien invaders as well as any other super powered menace.

The brigade was made up of individual soldiers, called "Rocket Reds," which were equipped with a special type of armor which gave each soldier the following abilities:


The Rocket Red Brigade was established by the Soviet Union during the Cold War, when the Soviets realized that the United States of America was increasing in its' superhuman population, which made them more powerful, and the Soviets likewise wanted to make a balance of power.

The original Rocket Red was Josef Denisovich, who was a friend of Kilowog of the Green Lantern Corps. This friendship did not last however, as Kilowog became aware of the Soviet's plans and he was forced to kill Josef in battle. Nevertheless, the Rocket Red Brigade grew in numbers, and some Rocket Reds even joined the Justice League. One example of this is Dmitri Pushkin.


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