A Deimosian rocket.[1]

The Bat-Rocket[2]

A rocket was a type of engine used for the propulsion of certain types of missiles, spacecraft, aircraft and, in rare circumstances, automobiles, such as rocketmobiles.[3] Rockets ran on rocket fuel.[4]

Rockets were the primary propulsion of spacecraft such as rocket ships. The term could also be used to refer to any spacecraft that uses rockets for propulsion, although the term "rocket ship" is also used. They were generally suitable for short-range spaceflight, but for traveling to other solar systems, warp drive or hyperdrive is much more suitable, as it would take a rocket ship thousands or perhaps millions of years to travel such interstellar distances. However, some advanced rockets were capable of warp drive.[5]

On the planet Krypton, rockets were a common part of transportation. They were used as propulsion[6] for automobiles such as for their groundcars and aircars. They presumably make it possible to drive cars much faster than any Earth automobile. Nevertheless, one would assume that this is a much more restrained rocket, as it would be dangerous to drive at the high speeds a rocket-powered spaceship flies at.

Although space travel was illegal on Krypton, Kryptonian spacecraft also had interstellar rocket engines. One such craft was illegally launched from Krypton just prior to its' destruction. It contained Jor-El's son, Kal-El, who landed on Earth in Smallville, Kansas and grew up to become Superman.

There were two different types of spacecraft belonging to the Deimosians that were encountered by Superman; the Deimosian flying saucer and Deimosian rocket, both of which were rocket powered space ships.[7]


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