From the back of the Robin Super Powers Collection card.

Robin (also known as the Boy Wonder or Teen Wonder) is a superhero codename used by a number of young superheroes over the years, all of whom were the sidekick of Batman at one time or another, making them part of the Dynamic Duo and the Batman Family.

The Robin legacy began with Richard "Dick" Grayson, a circus performer and acrobat from Haly's Circus, who performed along with his parents, John and Mary Grayson in the Flying Graysons.

The original Robin costume was modeled after his circus outfit, and the name "Robin" came from the famous bird of the same name.

Dick Grayson, and all of the Robins to come after him, became incredibly valuable members of the Batman Family, and they were considered Batman's right hand men at the time they were in service.

The Legacy of Robin

There were at least three young men to take on the role as Robin, they are as follows:

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