A native of the planet Rimbor.[1]

Rimbor was a planet in the United Planets inhabited by humans and other colonists from all over the United Planets.[2]

Ultra Boy was a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes that was a native of this planet.


Rimbor had been notorious for being a planet with an incredibly strong criminal element. Although it was an official world of the United Planets, Rimbor's attitude was more that of a rough-and-tumble colony world. Located near a heavily-mined asteroid belt, Rimbor served as a way station for the miners, affording them all the pleasures that men working for months at a time in isolated mining communities could desire.

Virtually anything the heart desired could be procured on the Rimborian black market, and, while actual crime statistics show that Rimbor's crime rate did not greatly exceed those of supposedly tamer worlds, the locals took a certain perverse pride in exaggerating and embellishing their tough reputation.

While most of Rimbor's areas would have been considered lower-class areas or red-light districts, the planet did have several regions of their various city-states which were quite well-to-do. Legion of Super-Heroes member Ultra Boy was born and raised in one of these wealthier areas.

One of Rimbor's chief black market exports was the relatively safe liquid drug called Silverdale. Jo Nah, formerly known as Ultra Boy, enjoyed a healthy career as a Silverdale smuggler for several years after the disbandment of the Legion.


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