Resting place

Batman's resting place.[1]

A resting place was somewhere that a person's body was stored after they had died.

This was often done with a ceremony known as a funeral.

In the United States, and many other countries on Earth, it was common to bury the body six-feet under the soil, in a coffin.

In Ancient Egypt however, many mummified bodies were placed in the pyramids that were located there.

Alternative Names for Resting Places

Depending on the type of resting place or preferred terminology, a variety of terms were used to describe resting places.

Among them were tomb and grave. A place such as Gotham Cemetery, which featured several graves, would have been called a graveyard or a cemetery.

The word churchyard was used to describe graves on the grounds of a church.



The Super Friends thought that the Egyptian diamond located in the tomb of the Pharaoh named Tutankhset was a likely target of Doctor Lucius LeBon and his assistant Wilbur who both had been stealing diamonds.[2]

When it was falsely believed that Superman had died from Kryptonite poisoning, the Super Powers Team had his body shot into the sun as part of his funeral service, making the sun; which was the source of his super powers; be his final resting place.[3]


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