Kryptons Sun

A red sun.[1]

A red sun was a type of star that was red or reddish in color.

Unlike a yellow sun, which was capable of giving Kryptonians incredible superhuman abilities, a red sun would take them away, as this was the natural environment that a native of Krypton lived under, as their planet orbited Rao, which itself was a red sun.

The same applied for Kandorians and Daxamites, which were genetically related to Kryptonians.

On the other hand, despite the fact that a yellow sun was capable of giving a Kryptonian canine super powers, a red sun didn't seem to be able to take them they seemed to be unaffected by red sunlight. This is likely due to the difference in physiology between a dog and a Kryptonian. On the other hand, it is possible that the weakening effects of red solar energy took longer to work for Kryptonian dogs.[2]



When Marvin White was telling Doctor LeBon and Wilbur the story of Krypton's destruction and Superman's origin, he told them that Krypton orbited a red sun.[3]

Known red suns


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