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Series 2 – 1985
09 Red Tornado

The Amazing Android

Created by Professor T.O. Morrow, the Red Tornado was a specially designed android with the ability to spin the lower half of his body at tremendous speeds. He used this ability to fly, create a powerful cyclonic wind, and turn on his creator. Using the unique secret identity, John Smith, the Tornado fights crime like no other android around.

Figure Stats:
The Red Tornado comes with on of the nicest capes in the line, a high collar two-tone job. By rapidly squeezing his arms together, the Red Tornado will twist his lower body, thereby recreating the spastic whirlwind power of his comic book character.

A unique figure in the fact that by the time he was released in the Super Powers Comic he had already been dismantled in the DC universe and forgotten. Nice figure, though.

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Series 2 - 1985

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