Starfire, who was a native of a planet that was located in the same solar system as the planet Rashashoon.[1]

Rashashoon was the ninth planet in the Vega system.


Rashashoon had an atmosphere of methane and ammonia which forced its inhabitants to reside within the great domed city of Raggasshoon, which was renowned for its massive bordellos, recreation centers, and mental hospitals, all of which comprised the bulk of Rashashoon's economy. Rashashoon welcomed any beings, regardless of political belief, as long they have the money and influence to pay their way.

Any species, such as a human for example, that was an oxygen-breathing race could not survive on the surface of Rashashoon. Only within the dome can one presumably breathe.[2]


  • Rashashoon first appeared in Omega Men # 11 (February 1984).[3]


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