Qward is a planet in the antimatter universe.

The antimatter universe of Qward, is known as the place where highest good is evil and justice is a crime.

Background Information

Qward and the rest of the antimatter universe are the direct result of cosmic tampering wrought by the Maltusian scientist known as Krona.

Millennia ago, Krona built a device designed to commune with the source of all creation in an effort to learn the origins of the cosmos. The experiment violated the tenants of cosmic law, and as such a backlash ensued which resulted in the creation of the Antimatter Universe.

Qward is located at the very center of the Antimatter universe and serves as that dimension’s analog to the positive-matter world known as Oa.


  • Qward was first mentioned in Green Lantern, Vol. 2, #2[1] on October, 1960.
  • The subtitles on the Doomsday episode spells Qward as Quard.

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