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The Protector
Real Name  Jason Hart
Species  Human
Home Planet  Earth
Universe  Earth-1A
Hair Color 
Eye Color 
Apprentice to 
Affiliation  Teen Titans
Enemy of 
Voiced by 

The Protector is a superhero and a member of the Teen Titans. He replaces Robin for a short time in 1983.

Background Information

In the parallel universe of Earth-One, Jason Hart was a student that went to a normal high school, he was a good student and also was good in sports, that without talking about his great sense of what was right and wrong. Everything was ok until the day that he discovered that his little cousin named Ted had tried drugs and apparently he was quickly becoming an addict.

Jason Hart would tell his family about this in an attempt to save his little cousin of drugs, he thought that talking with his parents the young Ted would be able to understand that drugs are bad and that they would ruin their life. Although the family did talk to Ted he did not care about what they said; how it was illegal, how it ruined his health or how could it even kill him. The reason behind Ted's lack of trust in his family was because he thought that they did want to harm him so he decided to stay in drugs, making his cousin look for a desperate way to stop him.

Jason Hart would then remember that his little cousin was obsessed with comic books, so he decided to take a hero costume and the codename of the "Protector". This was an attempt of him to make Ted listen to him so he would leave the drugs, because altough he wouldn't listen to his cousin Jason Hart's advice maybe he would hear the advice of a superhero like the protector.

However something unexpected happened and Jason Hart would be forced to battle drug dealers to save his cousin Ted as the superhero he pretended to be. Soon after that Dick Grayson would learn about this accident and decided to make Jason Hart aka the Protector, an honorary member of the Teen Titans thanks to his great sense of right and wrong and how he defended the innocents from the criminals. Nightwing didn't stop there tough, he also decided to train Jason in terms of hand to hand combat that made him able to become a real superhero if he wanted.


Protector never appeared in the series, he only appeared in the Keebler Anti-Drug commercial in 1983.


  • The Protector first appeared in DC Comics in the pages of The New Teen Titans comics in a series of issues that dealt with keeping children away from drugs.
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