Cyborg's cybernetic parts are lined with Promethium, which is invulnerable, and allows him to easily tear steel as seen in this picture.[1]

Promethium was a type of metal that was developed by Steve Dayton of Dayton Industries. It was possibly the strongest metal known to man, it was several times stronger than steel.

Victor Stone's cybernetic parts were lined with promethium, which gave him incredible super strength, and invulnerability, except for where his flesh was exposed.[2]

Deathstroke's mesh armor was also made at least partly out of promethium.[3]

Lex Luthor attempted to rob a train carrying gold to Fort Knox that was made of promethium reinforced steel.[4]


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  • Promethium made its' first appearance in The New Teen Titans # 9 (July 1981).
  • Promethium is basically DC's counterpart to Marvel's Adamantium.


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