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Project Cadmus

A product of Project Cadmus.[1]

Project Cadmus, originally called the DNA Project; was a top secret agency of the United States Government, which focused on scientific research into the field of biogenetic engineering.

Cadmus Labs served as their base of operations. They developed a variety of clones called the DNAliens; many of which had incredible abilities, such as Arin and Kon-El. Jim Harper, a former cop of Suicide Slum, was the Guardian of this project, who along with the Newsboy Legion protected the project from its' various enemies.

The project was noteworthy for obtaining a genetic sample of Superman's DNA, and they had used it for a variety of projects, many which may have remained unknown to the public.



The base of operations, was located just outside of Metropolis, in a secure, secret location.

Background Information

On the parallel universe of Earth-One, the DNA Project, eventually known as Project Cadmus was founded by Superman's enemy Dabney Donavan.


  • Project Cadmus first appeared in Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen # 133 (October 1970).[2]


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