Prof Nichols Time Ray (SuperFriends 17)

Professor Nichols' Time Machine
Image from SuperFriends, #17 (February, 1979)

Professor Carter Nichols developed a technique to use hypnosis (aka 'time travel hypnosis') as a means of physically displacing living matter into the timestream. After studying quantum theory at great length, he refined his work and developed his own time machine which he called the Time Ray.

When word about this machine got to the underworld, some criminals kidnapped Nichols and tried to use the machine without success.[1]

Activating the device releases a stream of (presumably) tachyon particles, which transmits an unspecified volume of matter into the timestream. A control panel on the device allows the user to calibrate when and where the affected material should arrive. The Time Machine can also track a target's location and path in order to retrieve them from the timestream back into the present era.

Nichols constantly upgraded his time machine and soon he created a remote device for the use of the time travelers in order to come back to the present without the need of activating the machine.[2]


Earth-One Appearances:

  • Batman, #43 (October, 1947)

Super Friends comics (1976-1981):


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