Filmation Character
Ruby-Spears Character
The Prankster
Late 60's - Prankster 2
Real name: Oswald Loomis
Species: Human
Affiliations: A.P.E.
Rogue of: Superman
Voiced/Played: Howard Morris[1]

Late 60's - Prankster


The Prankster is a supervillain. He is an enemy of Superman, who is known for using childish pranks with his crimes.

He is a notorious public nuisance, with a warped sense of humor and a bag full of evil tricks.

TV appearances

Superman (1988)

Comic background

In the backstory about the Prankster in the comics, he was introduced as Oswald Loomis, a funnyman of a children's TV show who lost his job after the cancellation of his show. In order to get a new job, he would probably have to let go of his prankish persona, which he was unwilling to do. Ergo, he decided to become a "funnyman of crime", using pranks maliciously mainly to steal for a living. His first crime was going into a bank brandishing a gun, but forcing the bank employees to accept the money! Loomis continued this for several more times, gaining the reputation as a "prankster", his eventual nom de crime. After becoming notorious for his bizzare bank entries, Loomis attacked the biggest bank in Metropolis, only this time forcing the tellers to shell out the cash. From this point forward, the Prankster used his pranks for crime.

Powers and Abilities

The Prankster has an arsenal of trick items that he uses in his crimes.

  • Ultrasonic Devices that cause a person to laugh uncontrollably
  • Joy buzzers
  • Nano-robots

The Prankster also uses a vehicle that allows him to fly.


The New Adventures of Superman (1966):

Superman (TV series) (1988):


Prankster, seen in Triple-Play.


  • Prankster made his first Earth-Two appearance (as well as first overall) in Action Comics, Vol. 1 #51 (August 1942).[2]
  • He was created by Jerry Siegel (script) and John Sikela (art).

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  1. He did the voice of Prankster in the 1988 Superman series.
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