SuperFriends Comic Book Character
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Real name: Unknown
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A

From SF Comic issue #3.

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A medical experiment gives Jonathan Drew incredible telekinetic powers, which he uses to go after Victor Grummun, the man who murdered his sister. He does this in his new disguise as the Assassin. The Powerhouse was brought in by Victor to counter the Assassins assault.[1]

A few years later it appears that the Powerhouse was captured by Doctor Indrom and killed so the evil scientist could reduce his atoms down and reassemble them along with other murdered villains in the robotic monster, the World Beater.[2]



  • The Powerhouse first appeared in 1st Issue Special, Vol. 1 #11 (February, 1976). He was created by Gerry Conway; Steve Skeates; Nestor Redondo and Frank Redondo.
  • The Powerhouse appeared next in Super Friends, Vol. 2 #3 (February 1, 1977) in what appears to be his final appearance.


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