Porky Pig
Porky Pig
Real name: Porky Pig
Species: Domestic pig
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Looneyverse
Relatives: Petunia Pig (girlfriend)
Occupation: Actor
Base: United States
Affiliations: Looney Tunes
Porky Pig photo

A framed photo of Porky Pig.[1]

Porky Pig was a well-known domestic pig.



There is very little, if any data available about Porky Pig, but he was apparently a fictional character from animated shorts, the first one which was shown in movie theaters in 1935.[2]


On this Earth, he was a real person who was a well-known actor who played many sidekick roles. In 1978, on his birthday, Joker, Penguin, Riddler and Catwoman show up to spoil his party. Thankfully Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin team up with the Looney Tunes to take out the bad guys![3]

Robin once spoke about Porky Pig to a bunch of his friends at a restaurant, trying to convince everyone that despite the fact that they were all sidekicks, doesn't make that a bad thing, after all, Porky's best work was as a sidekick.[4]

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers



  • Acting: Porky was a well-known actor who played a variety of sidekick roles.


  • Porky Pig made his first appearance in I Haven't Got a Hat (1935).[5]


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