Princess Polly
Polly Lean (01x10 - The Fantastic FRERPs)
Real name: Polly Lean
AKA: Polly Ethyl
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Base: G.R.E.P.S. Research Station
King Plasto's headquarters
Affiliations: G.R.E.P.S.
Voiced/Played: Sherry Alberoni
King Plasto & Princess Polly (01x10 - The Fantastic FRERPs)

King Plasto & Princess Polly[1]

Mike Rosecope and Polly Lean

Mike Rosecope and Polly Lean[2]

Polly Lean was an agent of the G.R.E.P.S. agency. She was secretly helping Roy La Post with his scheme to make his own Kingdom of Frerpland, a kingdom of which she was going to be the princess of.

She was feeding him information with a microphone/radio inside her brooch, which he listened in on. She is later captured by the Superfriends along with King Plasto and Styro.[3]

Powers and Abilities

Super powers




Super Friends (TV Series)



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