Aquaman on Solar Terrarium cleaning up some serious pollution.[1]

Pollution refers to the contamination of the environment, caused by littering, and dumping oil and other hazardous substances into the oceans, radiation caused by nuclear weapons or power plants and smoke from factories.

The nuclear wars on the planet known as Colu were devastating to the world's atmosphere, the result was millions killed by radiation exposure, which polluted the planet.[2]

Doctor Pelagian was an eco-terrorist who was in fierce combat against pollution. He targeted three corporations: the Fenwick Corporation, Hutchinson Oil and the Caraway energy-generating plant. Those three companies were subject to such an assault due to the fact that Pelagian realized that they were not interested in sitting down with him and talking about what to do to solve the problem of pollution. And furthermore, they were contributing to the problem, as their factories were polluting the Earth, particularly the water in the oceans. Pelagian referred to humans as "the plague," the very cause of pollution, and he felt they must be stopped.[3]

The planet Solar Terrarium was dropping in temperature due to pollution. The Super Friends traveled to the planet and did a quick but massive clean-up.[4]

The Krim family was a family of Balunians that had to leave their homeworld Balunia behind, because its' atmosphere had became polluted. They took their small spacecraft and headed for Earth, making it a new home for themselves.[5]

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