An example of inefficient politics.[1]

Politics was a governmental system in place that involved making decisions that effect the lives of people that live within a country, empire or other form of nation.

The political system of Krypton was based on their bureaucratic arrangement that was known as the Kryptonian Science Council. The council's emphasis was on science and technology, which had much to do with their decision making process, but was quite inefficient, since certain scientists on the council were not able to see past protocol in order to get something real important done, such as the evacuation of Krypton in space arks.

This proved to be difficult, because there were no space arks or any spacecraft at all on Krypton due to the fact that they were forbidden by Kryptonian law. That, and only a couple of people, Mia and Lo-Di; actually believed that Krypton was doomed like Jor-El did, and so no action was taken.[2]

Politicians or people who studied political science

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