Political correctness[1]

Political correctness was a fancy way of taking away one's freedom of speech.

The idea behind the concept was to restrict people from saying or doing things that might be offensive to other people.

One major hole in that idea was that restricting such people from speaking in certain ways was also offensive to those people who were expected to restrict themselves. So really political correctness was only acceptable to certain groups of people; not all, and because of that, the concept was complete and total discriminating nonsense, which was the total opposite of what people wanted it to be.



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Alternate Earth

Circa 2017, When Wonder Woman accused President Donald Trump of groping her in her invisible jet, he told her that it never happened. Instead he told her that he didn't have time for political correctness, and that he instead thought it was within his right to frisk people routinely.[2]


Super Friends comic strip


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