Police show

Marvin talking about police shows.[1]

A police show was a type of television program that involved the lives of police officers; often times with a focus on crimes that they have to solve, as a primary part of the plot.

Sometimes cop shows also involved catching the bad guys in action, often times leading to shoot-outs, which were violent scenes with gunplay.

Marvin White often watched police shows, and he remembered hearing cops on the shows radioing a "314," which he thought was the police code for someone who was an accessory to a crime, but that code actually referred to indecent exposure.[2]

Background Information

Popular Superfriends writer Marc Scott Zicree wrote episodes for a couple of police shows, Space Precinct and TekWar, both of which were also science fiction shows.

Hudson University, a well-known fictional DC Comics location; has also made appearances in the Law & Order TV shows; which are also police procedural shows.


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