A car, reversing polarity.[1]

Polarity is a concept in physics relating to magnetism, an electric charge or something similar. For example, if the polarity of a magnet is reversed, rather than drawing it to a metal, it will repel it.

When the Batmobile was approaching Doctor Shamon's laboratory, he reversed the polarity of his Shamon U to push their car backward with the reverse magnetism.[2]

During the Cosmic Crisis, the Superfriends used the Flash, who used his super speed to run around the Earth with copper cables tied around him, in order to reverse the polarity of the magnetic pull that was causing the Earth to fall closer to the sun.[3]

Despite the advantage of running on water rather than gasoline, one major flaw in the design of Erwin's car was that if salt were to contaminate its' power unit, it would reverse polarity, causing the water to convert to energy, essentially turning the automobile into an explosive.[4]


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